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Customer service

We offer a sharp selection of unique items from independent artists and designers as well as the possibility of having easy access to fashion, that keeps with our time, both in terms of its ethics, values and style.

We also offer the possibility for artists and designers to find themselves in a shop that does not push them to produce more or to be in competition, but in collaboration with everyone and in accordance with their ethics. 

Privacy and Security

The data used on the site will only be used to improve your experience on it. Your customer data is stored on the site so that we can trace your activity on the site and offer you a better experience. Your data such as your full name, address and payment information are used by us to send you your orders as soon as possible. As part of the delivery, this information may be shared with the artists who send their articles directly to you. Your information will only be shared with a third party if it is necessary to finalize an order, protect you and us legally in the event of fraud as well as to improve your browsing experience on our platform.

contact us

For any questions regarding the different products or your experience on our site, do not hesitate to, we answer with pleasure.

Regarding the different artists, if you wish to be part of the experience, please send us your background, social networks and a selection of photos of your creations We will be delighted to meet you in order to create new projects and above all, enthusiastic about the idea of welcoming you to our site.

Moyens de paiement

Means of payment

  • Credit/debit cards

  • PayPal

  • Offline payments

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